Клонирование (clone) vm KVM ( centos7)

# Для клонирования (clone) необходимо остановить или выключить образ ВМ
virsh shutdown this.vm

# copy the storage.
cp /var/lib/libvirt/images/{this-vm,that-vm}.img

# dump the xml for the original
virsh dumpxml this-vm > /tmp/that-vm.xml

# hardware addresses need to be removed, libvirt will assign
# new addresses automatically
sed -i /uuid/d /tmp/that-vm.xml
sed -i ‘/mac address/d’ /tmp/that-vm.xml

# and actually rename the vm: (this also updates the storage path)
sed -i s/this-vm/that-vm /tmp/that-vm.xml

# finally, create the new vm
virsh define /tmp/that-vm.xml
virsh start this-vm
virsh start that-vm

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